Industry application

Can satisfy the most demanding specific industry needs the product series of sealing and bearing

Why did you choose us

Practice of high standards of quality management system, providing customers with high quality products and services

Professional pre-sales consulting

The company provides professional pre-sales consulting. The company has a strong technical team, if necessary, can arrange the present foreign senior experts, and often of pre-sales team for professional training

Excellent product quality

The company strictly in terms of raw materials, all using imported raw materials, for each batch of material need to be related to the monitoring, put an end to everything is fake, counterfeit and inferior raw material into the production workshop

A good production environment

Company China factory is located in suzhou city science and technology, high technology and new technology enterprise with science and technology city, park management, urban management committee on science and technology city enterprise resource allocation, technology promotion and various services such as financial services

Senior technical team

The company has a group of senior seal for many years engaged in sealing technology industry experts, distributed all over the world, they have long expertise sealing industry technical work, to ensure that provide the optimal production plan.

Advanced management system

Our company is an international enterprise, also with the international community, on management system of the company management team of people is the world 500 strong management experience.

All after-sales service

Company in line with "the good faith as the base, the service is supreme" the management idea based on sealing technology market, the production process strictly control the product quality, eliminate all incomplete, inferior products leave the factory

About us

Efforts to become the world's leading supplier of sealing solutions

      Amijo (Suzhou) Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. is a Sino-British joint venture, rich in resources and strong financial strength. The Chinese factory is located in Suzhou Science and Technology City. The company provides high-performance hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for the world fluid power industry. Sealing solution.

     The company's polyurethane product line, synthetic rubber product line, and PTFE product line serve many conventional industries and have been widely recognized in the conventional industry. Among them, the synthetic rubber independently researched and developed by the company is highly recognized by customers in military, aerospace and petrochemical industries. Solved some design, application, extreme testing, product delivery problems. The company will continue to undertake a variety of challenging sealing service needs to serve customers worldwide.

     The company has always adhered to the "integrity-based, service-oriented" cooperation philosophy, "strict and serious, continuous innovation" work attitude, "technology research and development, product quality" development ideas, and advanced technology, quality products, perfect Service, reasonable price, service market.

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